1. Goose soup with matzoh balls

1390 Ft

2. Garlic cream soup

1290 Ft

3. Goulash soup

1690 Ft

4. Game soup with tarragon

1490 Ft

5. Bean soup Jokai style 1390 Ft



2. Beef Tartare

3490 Ft

3. Goose liver Páté with onion chutney 3490 Ft
4. Grilled goose liver with baked apple rounds in Tokai sauce

4490 Ft

5. Savoury Hortobágyi Pancake 2790 Ft


Main Dishes

1. Roasted Slices of Pullet Breast on a Bed of Green Salad 2990 Ft
2. Grilled goat cheese with fresh mixed salad 3290 Ft
3. Strips of tenderloin in a wok with fresh salad 3490 Ft
4. Fried chicken breast strips served with potato purée 3490 Ft
5. Chicken breast Dijon with jasmine rice 3490 Ft
6. Chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and zucchini jasmine rice 3790 Ft
7. Pan-fried duck with crushed onion-potatoes and stewed cabbage 4590 Ft
8. Crispy leg of goose with crushed onion-potatoes and stewed cabbage

4990 Ft

9. Breast of duck fillet with red currant souce and gratin potatoes

4290 Ft

10. Bacon-wrapped Tenderloin of pork with fried potatoes and fresh salad

3890 Ft

11. Breaded pork served with with baked potatoes 3690 Ft
12. Stuffed Cabbage „Kolozsvári” Style

3290 Ft

13. Sholet Beans with smoked Breast of Goose

3490 Ft

14. Salmon steak with Hollandaise sauce and baked vegetables

4990 Ft

15. Whole trout almandine served with Mediterranean potatoes and stewed vegetables

4290 Ft

16. Breaded pike-perch slices served with parsley potatoes

4290 Ft

17. Tenderloin with grilled goose liver, forest mushroom sauce grilled vegetables

8990 Ft

18. Tenderloin with green peppersauce and homemade pan-baked potatoes

7990 Ft

19. Veal Stew with Buttered Spatzle

4390 Ft

20. Knuckle of lamb with rosemary served with homemade pan-baked potatoes

5990 Ft

21. Larded choice cut of venison in Burgundy sauce homemade mini Lángos, baked apple with blueberries

6990 Ft

22. Flat homemade noodles made with stewed cabbage (Hungarian speciality)

2490 Ft

23. Breaded camambert with jasmine rice and cranberry sauce  2790 Ft
24. Spicy pork chops with homemade pan-baked potatoes  3790 Ft
25. Spare ribs with crushed onion-potatoes and stewed cabbage 3990 Ft



1. Cucumber salad 990 Ft
2. Tomato salad 990 Ft
3. Fresh mixed salad 990 Ft
4. Homemade pickled vegetables 990 Ft



1. Apple fritters with vanilla ice cream 1290 Ft
2. Kiskakukk crêpes with vanilla sauce 1390 Ft
3. Light sponge cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce 1490 Ft
4. Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream  1690 Ft
5. Homemade strudel with vanilla sauce  1390 Ft